Introducing the eTekMask – a next-generation mask that kills coronavirus on contact while protecting users from other hidden airborne dangers.

When the pandemic began, few could imagine that masks would become a daily accessory, much less a potential threat to our environment.

Yet with air pollutants, coronavirus and other dangerous pathogens continuing to circulate and mutate, masks are one of the single best ways to protect yourself, even as a more normal life begins to return.

The eTekMask’s two-way biofiltration system has been independently tested and proven to have a 96.5% effectiveness in killing coronavirus on contact, providing an even greater degree of protection than an N95 mask.

With its proprietary design, the eTekMask offers multiple layers of defense against airborne viruses as well as smoke, pollution, pollen and other particles.

Treated with an antimicrobial chemistry, the outer layer prevents penetration of aerosol and particulate matter, offering the first line of defense in the filtration system.

The electronic fabric insert safely kills viruses during use, and the sanitization chamber completely sterilizes the mask between wear.

The mask’s innermost layer is treated with a skin-friendly antimicrobial finish proven to provide a 99.9% reduction in bacteria leading to staph infections and pneumonia.

So, each part of the mask’s filtration system offers a separate layer of defense and guards against unseen hazards in our environment.

The eTekMask also comes with an integral frame that enables more natural breathing, reduces the risk of overheating, and minimizes feelings of mask claustrophobia.

Breathable, reusable, washable, self-sterilizing, and proven to kill coronavirus on contact, the eTekMask offers next-gen technology in mask design …

… essentially enabling less of this …


… and more of this!

Support the eTekMask today – and protect yourself and your loved ones against life’s unseen risks.