In the race to rapidly grow your application footprint, you can’t leave security as an afterthought.

But deploying a traditional, perimeter-based WAF across your multiple apps and APIs can still leave you vulnerable. These old-school WAFs:

  • Can take months to deploy, then require time, people, and money to maintain.

  • Lack attack coverage beyond just basic OWASP injection attacks.

  • And, worst of all, they trigger false positives that break your applications and APIs and cost you valuable time.

Then, when you put the WAFs in “monitoring mode” to skip the false positives, your apps and APIs end up unprotected and vulnerable.

It’s time to leave outdated security tools behind.

Fastly’s next-generation WAF presents a holistic approach to web application and API protection that focuses on intent.

So instead of using outdated static pattern matching rules, we inspect the context of the web request payload. 

Our agent does this using SmartParse, technology we developed to quickly break down the web request so we can instantly decide if malicious or anomalous payloads are present, and then block them in near real time.

The agent is able to make these contextual decisions thanks to rich intelligence from both external and proprietary sources that it receives from our Cloud Engine analytics backend. 

Plus, as a true modern WAF, we offer flexible deployment options — for cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments. We can even host the agent for you in the cloud. And our one-click integrations with the DevSecOps tools your team already uses make it easy to get up and running fast and work the way you want.

Once you’re set up, the results speak for themselves. More than 90% of customers run our Next-Gen WAF in full blocking mode. Plus, you get

  • Protection beyond OWASP injection attacks, including account takeover, credential stuffing, bad bots, and API and app abuse.

  • A unified management console that provides security visibility and reporting, without logging into multiple interfaces

  • And a customizable user experience, so you can easily create signals and rules that matter to your team. 

Our WAF has been named a “Visionary” on the Gartner Magic Quadrant the past two years and a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for WAF the past three. 

Isn’t it time to find out why?

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